Every time you sit to cultivate peace & stillness you positively impact not only your personal life, but the life of all beings around you.

YOUR SEAT. Find a place that is clean, well ventilated, safe, and bright. Try to sit in this place as much as possible for meditation to create consistency and habit. Yes you can sit anywhere but we are creatures of habit. Sitting in the same place will help your mind understand its meditation time baby! You can set a timer if you are wanting to know how long you are sitting for or are in a time crunch.

YOUR CURRENT STATE. Before meditation check in with yourself. Check in with your body, tummy, heart, and mind. Ask yourself what you need today? See and take note of what the current physical, emotional, and mental state are telling you. Make sure to send yourself some love...

YOUR INTENTION. Next, set an intention and ask for guidance/help from your higher self. You can ask a specific question at this time and let it go. The answer may come up in the silence of your meditation. You can also offer up your meditation to the divine, and ask to be led deeper into your self. This is a good time to practice mantra chanting and prayer that is in alignment with yourself and your faith.

YOUR BREATHE. Focus intently on the breathe to calm the mind and arrive. You can practice nadi shodhana pranayama for 5-10 minutes. When practicing this pranayama count the breathe and make sure that the length of the inhale/hold/exhale is the same, otherwise this pranayama is not effective and even harmful. You can also practice breathe of fire, or another breathing exercise that feels good for you. DM me if you want instruction on these breathing exercises or wish to find one that works for you. YOUR ANCHOR. Now focus on the center of your chest ( heart center ) or in the space between the eyebrows. Choose one area & let this be your focal point. Patiently & kindly bring your mind back to this place every time it wanders away. Meditate on this area or on your breathe until the timer goes off. Don’t worry if your mind is busy, after a while it naturally calms down. YOUR BEAUTIFUL HEART. Finish this meditation with 5 minutes of your breathing exercise. Let go of your meditation. Let go of judging wether it was good or bad. Next if it feels right, express gratitude in silence.

A simple daily prayer: Thank you God/Universe for all the beautiful blessings in my life, and for all the blessings you have coming my way!

At this time you can practice prayer, offer your meditation up to the divine, and with your minds eye see the energy of your meditation spreading all around you for miles and miles .

Every time you sit to cultivate peace & stillness you positively impact not only your personal life, but the life of all beings around you. I hope you found this helpful! If you feel some friends will enjoy this please share it, and if you implement this simple structure into your daily meditation practice let me know how it goes! With love, Rocio Reyes

"With this choice, who's life am I improving?" Matt Khan

Having an inspired and clear sense of purpose every single day can seem unrealistic. Some days we awaken full of energy and inspiration, and other days we are slowed and weighed down by fears, doubts, and our restless minds.

I have found in the past that when approaching a new goal or project - I start out strong, full of determination and resolve, only to lose steam a few months down the line when all the obstacles to seeing the project through arise. I would then start to judge myself and wonder what happened? Where did that energy and inspiration go? Why can't I just get it done?

When we act without clarity our actions lack power and quickly become counterproductive.

Our days are full of variables and circumstances that can easily distract or derail us. Some days we just don't feel like showing up, and most of us attempt to push through the resistance and do what we need to do anyway. This quickly results in burnout, resentment, fogginess and other problems.

For best results - we need to do the energetic work first before acting. What does this mean "energetic work?" For me this means that before marching into the arena and facing all the tasks on my "Get To Do" list - I first have to quiet my mind. By quieting my mind through meditation, first thing in the morning, I gain clarity. Next I must do two things - 1. Set gentle intentions before acting , and 2. Remember and connect emotionally to my 'Why'.

Your Intentions are the wood, Your 'Why' the matches, and your belief is what causes you to act and light the fire.

When you set intentions at the beginning of the day they are recorded and arrive to aid you throughout the day; for example, "Today I intend to stay in my heart, and make choices from there." Throughout the day when we are faced with a choice the mind recalls the intention you set in the silence and clarity of meditation and, consciously or subconsciously, you are guided by it.

For many reasons we sometimes lose sight of our intentions and return to acting out of habit. This is where your "Why" comes in. When you are aware every day of why you do what you do, what is driving you, motivating you, and helping you stay consistent even when you don't feel like showing up - your priorities become clear and you become unstoppable.

Your "Why" has to be like a sword that cuts through all the fog, distractions, and temptations that the mind creates to keep you in your comfort zone and keep you from growing.

To tap into that big WHY that motivates all you do, first take a good look at your values. What is truly important to you? What really matters? I recommend taking some time to journal and write about this. Next tap into your passion! What makes you feel alive, passionate, excited, and inspired? Finally ask yourself "Why do I do what I do? What is truly motivating and inspiring me?"

As you go about discovering your why, make sure to take your time. Journal and meditate. In meditation see if you can tap into images and emotions that link to your why. You will know when you have tapped into your why when what you are writing and feeling stirs deeper emotions and passion in you.

See if you can narrow down your "Why" to one phrase or a few sentences. Keep it close to your heart and meditate with it whenever you feel scattered, unmotivated, or in anyway stuck.

If you have a hard time pin pointing your "Why" or remembering your purpose, a very simple form to reconnect can be to ask yourself the question I added in the beginning of this post. This question brought me back to my bigger picture "Why" instantly.

I share with you here what motivates and drives me in all I do:

My "Why" is FREEDOM, JOY, & REALIZATION. The main reason I do all I do, arises from a desire for true freedom in every way. In the same way, the reason behind my work and all I share comes from the desire to contribute to the joy, freedom, and realization of others.

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Updated: Apr 5

"Time spent in India has an extraordinary effect on one. It acts as a barrier that makes the rest of the world seem unreal." – Tahir Shah

India reveals herself slowly. It takes time to truly get to know her. In the beginning she may shock you with her don’t care attitude. She really doesn’t care what you do or who you think you are, but she will care for you every step of the way. When I go to India now, I feel like I'm going to my mother’s house. I feel completely at home from the moment I land, and I don’t worry for a moment should anything seem to be going awry. I know she is there for me and that I will have everything I need along the way. I didn’t feel this way on my first trip to India; I had no idea who and what India was then. I was told I should have a little fear and to be very cautious, and I was. I realized after a few trips to India that she is a powerful mirror. Whatever you carry within you will become very loud. If you don’t trust, if you fear, if you suspect, India’s sweet round face will transform into something fearsome. If you go there with fear, and the horror stories that others have told you floating around in your head, then everywhere you turn India will scream BOO!, and giggle as you jump out of your skin. Yes she will challenge you. She will ask you to speak up and stand your ground. She will push you until you say- Hey! I am here, and I belong here. If that is what you need of course. Because she will always give you exactly what you need.

The thing is that beneath the seemingly chaotic flow of daily life in Indian cities and villages there is a very spiritually charged ground supporting it all. The land of India has been one of spiritual practices for thousands of years. Divine vibrations abound in India, so be warned- stepping onto this land is stepping into another dimension. Maybe you are not sensitive to these things, and you may roll your eyes at the idea, but just watch as everything you think you know about life, humanity, love, society, family, and spirituality, gets turned upside down in India. You will truly never be the same after experiencing India. Her spirit is so strong, and If you don’t fear her dark side, she will embrace you and peel away all that you are not. She will teach you, break you open, soothe you, and bring you back to your most truest self - just trust and let go, She’s got you. You will see the sweetness in the smiles, in the eyes, in the laughter, in the innocent and good-natured spirit of the people. You will also see the fire, Oh they are fiery! But most of all, beneath it all is the love. If you let her, she will love you so deeply. India has shown me that we are one big family, in this human experience together, and that underneath it all we truly love each other so very much.


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